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Surrey Hospice Society



Saturday, July 27th 2024, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Bill Reid Amphitheatre,17728 - 64 Ave, Cloverdale B.C.

Reserve now, or you can call 604-584-7006 to order over phone

.or please come to the event and we will have extra butterflies there.

Image by Christian Wiediger


This event is inspirational and meaningful as we share some time together remembering and honoring our loved ones. Butterflies are released in honor of loved ones, by all ages, in celebration, and in memory - all in support of Surrey Hospices Society's grief programs.

The event is open to the public, and happens

between 10:00am & 12:00 pm at Bill Reid Amphitheatre

17728 - 64 Ave, in Cloverdale B.C.

Please arrive on time or a bit early, to get parking and register.  The Butterfly Release will happen promptly at 11am, The Painted Lady butterflies come in individual boxes for a more intimate release, this will be their first flight after being lovingly raised by our providers. You will see 100 butterflies take flight on their first voyage amongst the beautiful park on the grounds.


The "Painted Lady"  Butterfly is a native species. Hatched in the deserts of Southern California, the painted ladies fly north, feeding on thistle and stinging-nettle nectar, often arriving in B.C. in the summer. They are important pollinators to us. Smaller then a Monarch, but just as colorful.

With limited numbers of butterflies available, pre-ordering is recommended for those who want to participate in the actual release.  Butterflies can be pre-ordered  here online, please click "pre-order now" or by phone: 604-584-7006 for $25.00 each.


Limited butterflies will be available on event day beginning at 10:00 am on a first come, first serve basis. The parking lot is reserved for our event and the Amphitheatre and park grounds are fully wheelchair accessible.

You do not have to purchase a butterfly to participate. In addition to the spectacular butterflies in flight, we will have paper butterflies where you can write a special message to your loved one and hang on our Hope Tree.

Beverages and snacks will be provided by our sponsors Chartwell retirement residences.

Image by Erin Minuskin

Butterfly Kisses

by John F. Connor

Don’t cry for me, please don’t be sad
Hold on to the memories of the times we both had
Don’t dwell on dark thoughts, hold on tight to your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses.

I walk beside you, I am there all day long
I am right here. But you think I am gone
You don’t see me, but I can see you
Whatever the problems, I will help you get through.

I am the wind in your hair, the sand in your toes
Butterfly kisses that you feel on your nose
I am with you at sunrise and in the sunset
But you cannot see me, it’s my one regret.

I sit right beside you when you are sad
And you look through the photos of times that we had
I watch you sleeping, I hold you so tight
Before I go, I kiss you goodnight.

I will watch over you from heaven above
Forever you will be a dear and true love
Hold on to your dreams and all of your wishes
Sending you hugs and butterfly kisses.

Free the butterflies

by Fran LeMasters

I'll be there
to see them soar
upon the air.

Know my spirit
is on the wing,
feel my laughter-
hear me sing.

Forever in your dreams
always in your heart.


Image by Christian Wiediger
Blue Flowers

Support & Awareness

Providing support to palliative patients, their loved ones and the bereaved. Trained Hospice Volunteers offer compassionate care and support to people of all cultures, living at the end of life.


Ongoing grief and bereavement support extends to family members within our volunteer-led programs, and on a 1-to-1 basis with our Counselors.

Surrey Hospice Society provides various grief programs and memorial events.


Refreshments & Snack Sponsor

Making People’s Lives Better

With 160+ retirement residences, Chartwell is the largest provider of seniors housing in Canada, serving over 25,000 residents across Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and right here in British Columbia; where we own and operate 17 residences across the province. We are proud to offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Living – for those with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia – in addition to Long Term Care.
We’re all about Making People’s Lives BETTER. You could say we’re in the business of health, happiness, and peace of mind – for older adults, their families, and the communities across Canada we call home.

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