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Hospice Training Program 




The Surrey Hospice Society is a non-profit organization that supports individuals dealing with a life limiting illness. The support offered by volunteers is extended to the individual’s family and loved ones. We have opportunities for you to join our expanding hospice and bereavement programs.  

This course provides individuals with a  introduction to Hospice Palliative Care and the knowledge and skills necessary to support people of all cultures with those impacted by a serious,

life limiting illness or grieving a loss by death. Participants will learn and practice skills in accordance with the BC hospice palliative care association .

Some of the topics covered in the training program: Palliative Care; Boundaries Bereavement; Communication; Self-Care

"As a student, I was initially hesitant about taking ANOTHER online class, but the instructor made it really interactive and kept my attention. I learned a lot about myself and about topics that will definitely help me in my career as a social worker!" - Janica


“I was delightfully surprised by the breadth and depth of the instructor's compassion, not only towards the subject matter of the training and people who use the services of Surrey Hospice Society, but also for her students. The instructor turned what could have been an intimidating exploration into an inclusive one, valuing each one of their students, and encouraging each of us to be our authentic selves." - Catherine


Interested individuals must first arrange an initial interveiw prior to acceptance into the program


Dates to be announced.

 Classes run in the Evenings

 6:00 pm-8:30 pm

& Sats 10:00 am-12:30 pm


Course Fee



For more information please contact our, coordinator of volunteers at (604) 584-7006 or

We are
accepting applications 
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