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Your Grief Tool Box

While you are waiting for counseling or support group services, browse through the Grief Tool Box and you will discover videos, articles, book recommendations, grief processing ideas, and self-help techniques that will support you moving forward through your grief while you are waiting for an appointment or a support group.


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Self-help Grief Techniques

A personal grief journal can be a really good tool to pour our grief thoughts and feelings into. Simple buy a journal, grab a pen and when grief comes knocking pick both up and empty all that comes up into your journal. It is a simple and personal way to empty out some of that grief ‘stuff’ and you can bring it along with you when you join a grief support group or begin counselling. Keep it close at hand at night too, as often grief arise as we put our head down to sleep.

Paint A Picture of your Grief. For some of us talking just isn’t the way we express ourselves. Painting, a non-verbal way to grieve may well work for you. Grab your brushes, paints and a new canvass and let your grief flow through the brush onto the canvass. In a way give your grief permission to ‘do’ the painting, let your grief choose the colours and the shapes of your grief paint. Sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Find a walking buddy! If our walking groups, Natures Amble is currently not available for weather or scheduling reasons you can always find a good neighbor or great friend who would be willing to join for a walk thru nature as a way to release some of your grief. Moving your body and being in nature can be really healing for some of us. Take the family dog along too, our pets can be great grief buddies!

Cooking a Favorite Meal. Some of us truly enjoy preparing a meal for our loved ones and in the case of the death of a dear loved one we often think we have lost that opportunity. Well, we can cook that favorite meal in memory of our deceased love one and it a unique and personal way remember them fondly as we cook. Then as we eat the lovingly prepared meal, we share some of our memories and stories of them.

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