The Surrey Hospice Society is a volunteer based, non-profit organization rooted in the Surrey community.

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We offer a wide variety of services and programs for hospice & palliative support, as well as grief support for adults, children and youth. These services are led by trained, experienced counsellors and volunteers who are here to help you during this difficult time.

Hospice & Palliative Support

Hospice & palliative support is for anyone facing a life-threatening illness and provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care for individuals and their loved ones. Through a care giving team of family, friends, healthcare professionals, and volunteers, needs and choices are sensitively met. It can be provided in any setting; at home, in hospitals, in nursing homes or in special hospice facilities. Most of all, hospice & palliative support is about living fully to the very end of life with dignity and comfort.


Our volunteers are versed in the various issues, concerns and fluctuating needs that face those living with a life threatening illness. Our volunteers offer practical and emotional support and companionship for the journey, whether it be at home, in hospital or in a residential care facility.


A team of volunteers visit daily on the Palliative Care and Tertiary Units at Surrey Memorial Hospital and the Laurel Place Residence. They augment the professional care and support provided by medical and hospital staff. Volunteers provide practical and emotional support and companionship to palliative patients and their loved ones. A tea service is also provided on Monday and Wednesday afternoons on the Palliative Care Unit and Wednesday afternoons at the Laurel Place Residence.


Whether family of origin or family of support, our volunteers offer emotional and practical support, assistance and information to family members. They help family members address the various issues and concerns that can face those caring for a loved one nearing the end of life.



Volunteers provide family and primary caregivers with a brief respite or pause, usually 2-4 hours, from their care giving responsibilities. This gives caregivers an opportunity to undertake activities, which might otherwise have to be forgone. For example: a walk, trip to the store, hair cut, pursuing a social activity or invitation and so on.


Our telephone support volunteers reach out to family/friend caregivers, providing a compassionate presence and a listening ear. Through regular calls, volunteers offer caregivers an opportunity to share their experiences and feelings around providing care to their loved one, under changing and shifting circumstances. It is well understood that when the caregiver is cared for, they in turn are able to give better care.

After meeting with the client/family, the Surrey Hospice Society Coordinator or designate may refer the client/family to other appropriate palliative programs.

Adult Grief Support




Bereaved groups or individuals are offered a moderate number of counselling sessions with a registered clinical counsellor, trained and experienced in grief work. Our counsellors provide emotional and spiritual support to help and guide you during this difficult time.

Upon request, this service will provide information to bereaved individuals and their families about the different kinds of bereavement support offered by Surrey Hospice Society. Information about the grief process and encouraging readings are mailed at intervals during the first year after a death, as well as information about upcoming bereavement program dates.



Nature’s Amble is our walking support group for grieving adults which combines nature, connection, and exercise to process grief.

Nature’s Amble walking grief group uses nature as a backdrop for exploring grief. This group is led by experienced hospice volunteers. Weekly sessions are ongoing and include nature walking at a local park, poetry reading, and reflection. The goal of Nature’s Amble is to increase one’s sense of community, normalize grief, and promote healing.

Finding My Way is a six-week reflective support group for bereaved adults.

Finding My Way is a traditional grief group counselling program which is focused on giving each member the opportunity to have their grief narrative heard and supported. This 6-week group is facilitated by at least one registered clinical counsellor and an experienced hospice volunteer. Finding My Way may be offered with specific populations in mind such as widows and widowers if the need arises. Weekly sessions include ritual, poetry, mindfulness exercises, expressive arts, meaning making activities, and circle sharing. The goal of Finding My Way is to increase one’s sense of community, increase self-awareness and self-compassion, normalize grief, provide coping tools, and promote healing.


Overdose Loss Group is a grief support group focused on healing the traumatic loss of a loved one due to overdose.

In response to the opioid and Fentanyl crisis in BC, Surrey Hospice Society is providing a grief support group for those who have lost a loved one to overdose.  This 6-week group will be facilitated by registered clinical counsellors and will focus on the different aspects of traumatic loss associated with death by overdose. The group will incorporate circle sharing, grief education, ceremony, therapeutic rituals, and expressive arts. The objective of this group is to increase one’s sense of community, understand the unique features of loss due to overdose, normalize grief, provide coping tools, and promote healing.

During each year, several events are offered which have proved meaningful to grieving folk.​

In November, we offer our Dove Release which offers people an opportunity to honor their loved ones by releasing a dove as a tribute.

In December, we offer Coping Thru The Holidays, an evening to assist people in planning and managing the potentially difficult holiday time ahead.​

In May, we host a Gathering of Remembrance. This beautiful evening of music, readings and ritual is a special time to honor loved ones again.


Coffee Mornings is an informal friendly weekly drop-in program which allows mourners to connect with each other as well as access grief support. Coffee Mornings is run by hospice volunteer under the direction of the volunteer coordinator. Coffee Mornings is not a therapeutic group rather is a program aimed at connecting mourners on our waitlist as well as SHS clients who would benefit from supportive connection and grief print resources.

Child & Youth Grief Support


Bereaved families or individuals are offered a moderate number of counselling sessions with a registered clinical counsellor who specializes in child, youth and family grief work.


Hopeful Hearts offers therapeutic support for bereaved children aged 5-12 who have experienced a loss of someone significant in their lives.

Hopeful Hearts provides a safe, healing environment provides weekly opportunities for bereaved children to share their stories and grief experiences with other bereaved children. A Hopeful Hearts parent/guardian group runs simultaneously. Clinical counsellors and trained volunteers provide educational information about children and grief as well as time and support to parents or guardians.


Teen Drop-in group is a designed to create a safe zone for teens to process their grief.

Teen Drop-In Group is a grief support group for teens 13-19 who have experienced loss through the death of someone significant in their life. Through various activities, as well as individual sharing and group discussions, a clinical counsellor and a hospice volunteer assist the teens as they explore their natural capacity to heal.