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Surrey Hospice Society

is proud to introduce

A Grief Webinar Series

Coping with Anxiety

Registration is now closed, thank you for attending our webinars. We had a good turn out with grateful participants. We will be running future series. Please check back often to see our next event.

Session 1

February 18th 7:00 pm

Cultivating Mindfulness


One hour webinar with Jas Cheema (Grief Companion)


This webinar will focus on conscious relaxation. You will learn to activate your body's natural relaxation response, increase self awareness, and  learn to spend more time in the present.

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Yoga by the Ocean

Session 2

March 4th 7:00 pm

Practicing Yoga & Meditation

One hour webinar with Erin Jacob, certified Yoga instructor from Centered Within Yoga Studio


This class is a gentle, therapeutic approach to yoga designed less  for exercise and flexibility, and targeted more for emotional stability and liberation.

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Image by Deniz Altindas

Session 3

March 18th 7:00 pm

Developing Self-Compassion

One hour webinar with Sandi Bossons (Senior Grief Counsellor)

This webinar will focus on learning to listen to yourself with patience and understanding. You will learn to nurture yourself and practice nonjudgmental acceptance.

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You may register for all 3 Sessions

All webinars are free of charge, but you must be registered to attend. You may register for a single webinar or for the whole series. To register, please send an email to


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