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We have made it easier than ever to support Surrey Hospice Society.


Just return your refundable recyclables to any one of these return depots and your refund gets credited to us to support our many programs and services offered to our community by Surrey Hospice Society.


How it works:

  1. Put your unsorted containers in clear (black or white bags not accepted) sealed trash plastic bags, The Express system requires customers use clear or transparent bags for containers - they recommend using bags approximately 36 inches tall, 30 inches wide and around 72 litres in capacity. 

  2. Go to one of the locations listed on our print off below.  

  3. At the kiosk (Express label stand)use our phone number 604-584-7006 to log in. and print a label sticker. One label per bag.

  4. Place a label on each of your bags and leave them in the bag drop area. They will sort your containers and credit Surrey Hospices account with your donation refund.

Express Bags: Dos and Don’ts

Return-It Express is a fast and easy way to return your refundable beverage containers. Learn here some dos and don'ts for dropping off your Express bags.Here are some common dos and don'ts when using your Express bags.

  • Dos

    • Ensure your bags are clear or transparent (do not use white or black bags).

    • Use bags that are up to 90L in capacity.

  • Don'ts

    • Do not use flex type bags as labels can become detached.

    • Do not use bags with drawstrings as containers can fall out.

For more information please visit: Express-it Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Print off locations for donations and
account information


Drop and go service. No need to organize, just place your bottles and cans in a clear, transparent garbage bag (recommended 72 L capacity) Please take your bottles in and go to the cashier.  Please give them our account number. They will receive your items and give Surrey Hospice Society your donation.
Surrey Hospice Society Account # 195
Willowbrook Recycling (604) 532-0225
19641 60 Ave, Langley, BC V3A 3Z6
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