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Surrey Hospice Society

When a person is ill, everyone close to them is affected.

We know that thinking about end-of-life care is difficult and that a decision to come to hospice can be filled with strong and mixed emotions. Compassion and dignity are at the heart of hospice care. 

Our team of volunteers visit daily on the Palliative Care and Tertiary Units at Surrey Memorial Hospital and the Laurel Place Residence. They augment the professional care and support provided by medical and hospital staff. Volunteers provide practical and emotional support and companionship to palliative patients and their loved ones. A tea service is also provided on the Palliative Care Unit and at the Laurel Place Residence. The residence offers the warmth and comfort of home, but with all the medical and emotional supports people and families need when coping with death, dying, grief and loss.

Grief is a natural response to the death of someone in your life. It is personal and unique to everyone, and can impact many parts of a person’s life. We offer one-on-one grief counselling and support programs and to help children, youth and adults explore their feelings of loss in a safe and supportive space. Grief support helps people feel less alone, fosters healthy conversations about grief feelings and provides strategies to promote healing. Learn more

As a nonprofit society, our care is to provided at no cost to the individual. We depend on volunteers, fundraisers and donations from compassionate donors to help fund programs and services at the hospice and to the community. Make a donation today to provide comfort and care to those in need.

You do not need to do this alone. We are here to help.

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