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Healing Through Ancient Teachings

March 20th to June 19th 2021
13 week series: held on Saturday’s
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (PST)
Free webinar held online by Zoom

This series will focus on healing pain through light yoga, meditation and various teachings. We will explore our inner child, belief systems and how we can incorporate teachings from our ancestors to live a happy and fulfilling life. The program will be facilitated in both Punjabi and English.  

Loss is a part of life; we had something, then it is gone. The mind can get very confused in those moments. Pain and grief are a normal part of moving through loss. With the use of ancient holistic teachings, one can find solace and reconnect with their inner strength and move forward grounded in a Higher purpose.
This holistic program includes beginners yoga, guided meditations grounded in ancient teachings. Participants can release stress, anger, grief, shame and guilt. You will build resilience, connect with your inner strength and as a result foster peace within.

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Series is currently running, please contact Jas with further enquiries at


The live webinar series has been SUCESSFULLY completed.

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Jas Cheema

Jas Cheema, MA is a passionate Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Life Coach who draws inspiration from her own deep inner connection and experiences to guide others towards their own healing. Jas's workshops weave yoga and meditation with course work that enables participants to build healthy thought patterns and a strong emotional foundation which in turn supports them towards a meaningful and fulfilling life

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Thank you to Surrey Hospice Society for supporting me in developing and launching this new series supporting our South Asian families. 

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