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Great Canadian Giving Challange


Please Help our Charity

Win $20,000

Every $1 you donate to our charity in June via counts as a ballot to help us win $20,000. Please donate today - we really appreciate your help!


Surrey Hospice Society is a volunteer based, nonprofit organization serving the community of Surrey, BC Canada. We provide a wide variety of services and programs - all free of charge -  for those facing the end of their life, hospice and palliative care, as well as grief and bereavement support for adults, children and youth who have lost people they love.

We need your help to continue to offer these services and programs as the demand for us is higher than it has ever been and continues to grow daily in these challenging times. With COVID expected to continue into the summer, and still no end in sight, our hospice society which relies on holding fundraising events and has had to cancel all many of our previous public events. This has meant a loss of in our organizational revenues.  This reduction in funding has placed the operations and indeed the very existence of our Society and our programs in jeopardy. Because of this, the Surrey Hospice Society is making changes to the way that funding is achieved.

Like many charitable organizations, the hospice society relies heavily on events to raise the money we need.  These services are needed  more than ever before. We are a critical front line support service, and we are greatly needed in our community.

How can an individual get involved?

Any individual can make a donation via or Every $1 donated is an automatic entry for the chosen charity to win a $20,000 donation (minimum $3 donation required). Individuals are also encouraged to share socially to encourage their friends to participate as well.

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is brought to you by CanadaHelps, the co-organizer of GivingTuesday Canada. ONLY DONATIONS MADE FROM JUNE 1 - JUNE 30th


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