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  • Call our friends at CHARITY CAR PROGRAM and provide your information to the operator.  Please provide them with our account number for your donation. They ll ask some questions to ensure that the minimal criteria for donation is met. 

  • A tow truck driver will call you to arrange a mutually agreeable time for pickup or you can drop the car off at a participating auto recycler.

  • When the tow truck driver arrives, he will accept your vehicle and its registration. In return, he will issue a receipt of pickup and have you sign a vehicle transfer of ownership form. 

  • We receive the car and process the sale, transfer ownership and forward the income to the charity of your choice. 

  • Once your proceeds are forwarded to a charity, you will receive a tax receipt.


They accept all types of scrap vehicles from junk vans, junk trucks and semi-tractors to buses, motorcycles, motor homes and trailers. They also provide a farm equipment disposal service. When you want to scrap your vehicle, they will do it at a time that’s convenient for you. They can even extract the vehicle on the same day of the booking. You can rely on their team to provide a friendly and fast service. As a car donor, you don't need to worry about the working condition of your car.

At Charity Car Program,  they believe that even non-working cars have some value in the parts and steel.  


As a donor, you will receive a free tow and a tax receipt.

Charity Car Program

  12728-113B Avenue, Surrey, BC V3V 3N1

 604-321-2277   604-657-4476

Donate your car in the Lower Mainland area and be the reason for a smile.


Our team understands that parting with your old car is hard because it has been a part of your memories. We have friends that will take proper care of your car, and prepare it for further use after donation. We give your vehicle a new life by recycling its parts, which helps you save money and save the environment by preventing unnecessary landfills.

 Your donation of your car will be eligible for a tax receipt that helps you save dollars off your income taxes. Charity Car Program will tow your vehicle for free, and process the paperwork . By donating your vehicle, you are helping people in need by helping us to continue to provide support and care to our community.

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