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 Fundraising Committee Meeting 

Next Meeting Date & Time:
To be announced

Virtually on Zoom

We are looking for variety volunteers to help by joining our new fundraising committee. We encourage you to join us for this next meeting to see if this is right for you.


The Surrey Hospice Society has announced that we are developing fundraising committee and in the planning stages for the upcoming 2022 year. The committee is looking at ways to help raise Funds in support of Surrey Hospice Society’s programs.

  • developing, and sharing fundraising ideas.

  • making a calendar of events.  

  • planning events and executing fundraising initiatives.

  • creating work teams and letting our members choose the projects that they feel best suited to, or most inspired and excited to help with.

  • determining skill sets and time commitments for our events.

  • finding roles where you feel comfortable, such as, from home, doing research, telephone, or online communications. We will need volunteers to help seek sponsorships and donation items and of course, we will need volunteers for in-person fundraisers, setting up and running events.  


This committee will be treated to a unique experience, allowing volunteers, board members and supporters to come together for a great a great community cause. We believe this committee will be both fun and rewarding.

If your having difficulties registering please phone 604-584-7006 or email:

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