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Finding Ways to Help in Every Turn

Paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures and other 3D objects.

Still Life with a Guitar
Please take you art to drop off at our
Community Thrift Store  7138 King George Blvd. Surrey, B.C.   604.599.9930
Drop off hours: ​Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm / ​Saturdays: 10am - 3pm

Please tag or mark on the bag with the your donation "Auction" so we can easily sort from our other thrift store donationsThe last day for submitting artwork would be June 28th 12pm (PST)

Why Donate Art?

Art is made with the intent of transmitting thoughts and feelings. When you donate artwork to charity, in a way you're an artist yourself. Your artwork donation can transmit emotions such as relief, joy and happiness to those less fortunate and those suffering in grief.  Your donation of art will help us provide serenity and peace back to families in sadness and in need of support. We invite you to donate artwork that you have created or collected to our society and make a difference today!

Your generosity makes incredible things happen. Whether you donate in memory of a loved one, or simply because you value compassionate care, please consider donating to Surrey Hospice Society. With gifts from people like you, Surrey Hospice Society will  have the funding to provide individual grief counselling, transitional/anticipatory loss, grief support, group therapy, grief companions and volunteer hospice visitor training, and specialized care for hospice patients to thousands of people each year. Contributions to Surrey Hospice Society funds these needs. Embracing families by providing hospice care, and emotional, spiritual, and practical support when they need it most.

We will be using your art donation to help fund our free grief programs for the community. We will be holding an online auction, "The Art of Giving" and is set to launch April 29th and will end June 29th 2022. During this time artwork can still be donated and added to our auction site when we receive it. The last day for submitting artwork would be June 28th 12pm (24 hrs before the auction ends). We also are planning a future "Art in the Park" day where the community can come purchase your art work publicly displayed, and in turn we will be giving it back to those in need. Please check back soon for more information on these events. Your art donation will surely have a significant effect on peoples lives,  Any piece of artwork or an entire art collection which you donate helps this cause. 

Donated items like:
  • Paintings (oils, watercolor, acrylic..)
  • Drawings (pencil, charcoal, ink..)
  • Prints
  • Lithographs
  • Photographic Images
  • Collectable Posters & Banners
  • Disney or Comic book art cells
  • Statues (bronze, stone, wood, metal..)
  • Sculptures
  • Carvings
  • Figurines & Collectables
  • China
  • Ceramics/Pottery (clay, earthenware, porcelain, brick..) 
  • Stained Glass
  • Blown Glass
  • Vases (glass, ceramic..)
  • Textiles (weaving, rugs embroidery, macramé, canvas work, spinning, quit art..)
Marble Bust
Image by Alp Allen Altiner
Image by mana5280

Where do I drop off my art?

Image by Vera Gorbunova
Image by Mina Meh
Image by analuisa gamboa
Image by Alin Andersen

The online Art Auction will begin April 29 2022, please visit our Auction  if you need help or assistance contact us at:
(604) 584-7006 or by email:

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