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Every Day

We being a non-profit society can recognize the hard work you do for our community, we want to thank you. The Surrey Hospice Society is looking to honor inspirational individuals throughout our Surrey Community.

Each Hero will be recognized and provided a new  Vibra Pro Slim Reflexology M1. (Valued at $350)

Vibra Pro

How it works

Do you know a person, who goes out of their way to brighten the lives of those around them? How about someone who volunteers their time to help others, often without recognition? The Surrey Hospice Society wants to know about these “every day heroes” who make our community a better place to live. Our Every Day Hero campaign is meant to showcase inspirational individuals who help others and their community in many small but meaningful ways. A Community Hero could be your neighbor, your colleague, your friend or someone that you see is making a positive impact. A Hero demonstrates how a person with passion and determination can use his or her life to make a difference.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • first responders, health & mental care workers, teachers, students, instructors, coaches, spiritual leaders, transportation providers, caretakers, educators, PAC, volunteers, your neighbors, your family ..etc.

  • keeping the community and environment clean, picking up trash, planting, recycling, cleaning graffiti

  • helping citizens, lending a hand at hospices, food banks, clothing drives and animal shelters

  • participating in fundraisers, volunteering and organizing

  • donating food and necessities to the less fortunate

  • advocating for great causes in our community, like immigration rights, domestic violence survivors, youth services, environmental agendas, and social justice.

  • participating in senior programs, or children activities through schools or sport organizations

  • a care provider or providing respite to care providers 

  • Shovelling a neighbours walk way or drive way;

  • Ride sharing or offering acquaintances transportation that don't have their own transportation

  • Helping a friend or neighbour; with their groceries, washing their car, raking their leaves, cutting their lawn

  • Sharing a cup of coffee or your time, or providing a helping hand when a friend, family member or neighbour is in need.

The Surrey Hospice Society would like to recognize and award them with a Free new Vibra Pro Slim M1 (valued at $350) to a Deserving Community Hero so they can receive some pampering too! Please Help us Nominate an Unsung Hero who has quietly done amazing work to serve and improve their community.


There is no one definition of what makes a Hero, but most tend to be unsung Heroes who are quietly doing amazing work for the improvement of their community. Community Heroes can only be selected after being nominated by someone like you, so we encourage you to nominate an individual in your community who you feel is deserving. We know your Hero has a great story, and we can’t wait to read it!


Please fill out a nomination form click below and mail it to us, #101  13463 - 78 Ave, Surrey, B.C.  V3W 0A8, or fill out our Nomination Form On-Line (at the bottom). The Community Hero who receives 3 nominees will be rewarded! Only one entry per email, but you can share to others and ask them to vote as well. The deadline for your submissions is MAY 31 2023, If you have any troubles with your submissions or have enquiries, please drop us a line at:


A community Hero demonstrates how a person with passion and determination can use their life to make a difference. Please Nominate Your Hero Today!

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Localized vibration therapy have a range of health benefits.

For example,  vibration therapy can help:

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Vibra Pro
Vibra Pro

On-line Nomination Form
Who would you like to nominate as your Community Hero?

Thanks for submitting!

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