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Valentines Day

February  2023 (date & time to be announced)

For anyone mourning a loss due to death, Valentine's Day can feel particularly painful because it emphasizes the togetherness, love, and romance.

Please join us on Facebook for a pre-recorded video on lost loves. It is a opportunity that provides a safe setting where individuals who are grieving the loss of their partner, can find support from us.

Tips on Coping your grief on Valentines Day

Know Your Limitations

If you don't want to go out or take part in the day, know that you don't have to. Friends and loved ones may make well meaning suggestions about you socialising and even getting back into the dating scene before you're ready. Only do what you're ready to do when you're ready to do it.

Remove Grief Expectations

We are all individuals and you'll feel exactly how you feel and that's OK. You don't need to grieve like anyone else.

Have A Plan Of What You'd Like To Do

Perhaps you'd like to go away on your own or visit new places, or engage in a self love pamper session. Perhaps you'd like to stay home to think of the love you've lost and grieve in a healthy way to avoid suppressing any sad feelings. However you'd like to spend your day, remember that you do still have options and you can make the most of the day in your own way.

Honour The Person You're Missing

If you're comfortable with doing this, you can still buy flowers and cards, etc., in honour of the person you're missing. We know that death doesn't remove the person from our hearts, so this could offer some comfort. Your honouring them could even take the form of doing something as simple as writing about them in your journal. You could even make a memory box. Gather together letters, badges, photographs, and keepsakes you have from your loved one and put them in to a special memory box that you can reopen and reminisce over when you need to.


Whatever you choose to do on Valentine's Day, ensure it's within your boundaries and don't be afraid to reach out to loved ones for help and support if you need to.


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